Mugworts Queer Cabin 

Mugworts is a magikal QTBIPOC* centered cabin and retreat in Guerneville, CA on the ancestral homeland of the Coast Miwok and Southern Pomo people. The cabin is within 20 minutes of the redwoods, river and ocean. This space is  shared in community on a sliding scale as a  resource for  sweet times, gatherings, organizing meetings, art making, stargazing, retreats, scheming and dreaming, rest and relaxation.

Mugworts is part of an emerging effort to create a collectively advised, alternative space sharing project that is working to support social justice movement building while facilitating resource redistribution and  building relationships with land in resistance to settler colonialism. The cabin is collectively run, shared among community and the space is itself is collectively maintained. 

After five uears of collaboration with the urban Indigenous women led Sogorea Te' Land Trust, the land deed was officially liberated. The land trust stewards the land and Mugworts operates the space sharing and residency program.

Community Groups 

We reserve have the last weekend of every month for a  small community group or project.  If you are interested in one of these spots please email us! If you are a group or project interested in another spot email us too! 

 QTBIPOC*  Artist and Activist Residency Program 

We are launching our Artist and Activist Residency Program this year!  We will be working with value aligned organizations to nominate movement engaged artists and activists for a  1-2 week paid residency each season. 


Learn more about  our work through this Queer Projects on Indigenous Land workshop with Sogorea Te' Land Trust.  


We are volunteer run and community supported. To support this work please visit: 

*Queer, Trans, Black Indigenous and People of Color



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